There are many elements to good governance in the public sector. Understanding legal frameworks is one thing, but strong relationship management, strategy, risk management, and accountability systems are also essential components. Public sector governance involves adapting and applying the principles of good corporate governance in the particular setting of organisational form, status, culture, and type of business.

Interwoven members have extensive combined experience in corporate governance in both the public and private sectors. As with other elements of our work, our interest in good governance has brought us together to provide more effective services for clients. We combine in-depth experience in governance advising with current public and private sector governance experience. Our members include leading practitioners in the areas of strategy and risk management, internal governance dynamics, and external relationships (including managing Ministerial relationships and understanding the roles of elected board members in DHBs and local authorities).

We provide a wide range of governance-related services, including:

  • a practical, strategic focus on organisational governance across all forms of public sector entity (from departments to Crown entities, local authorities, and SOEs). Our product is practical, focused advice, not lengthy legal opinions;
  • advice on public sector probity, management of conflicts of interest, and management of political risk. Our members include practitioners with leading experience in these areas, including in relation to matters such as planning and funding, IT project management, and managing the board/Minister/constituency interfaces;
  • assistance with liability risk, including statutory liabilities and insurance remedies, as well as assisting with the governance implications of litigation and public law inquiries; and
  • independent reviews and evaluations. Our members include certified Gateway reviewers, serving members of public sector audit and risk committees, and practitioners with current and previous experience in statutory review and investigation functions.

We are comfortable advising boards, managers, and external stakeholders alike. Interwoven allows us to collaborate from our different perspectives and areas of expertise, combining our many years of experience to tailor our particular governance-related services for the needs of our clients in ways that wouldn’t possible if we always acted alone.

Our members have also written and spoken extensively on governance-related themes.