Interwoven Law is not a single law firm, but an alliance of lawyers from separate legal practices who have come together to share resources and experience. While each of us has our strengths, we recognise that collaboration can serve the interests of our clients in ways that wouldn’t be possible if we always acted alone.

We created Interwoven Law because we know it works. Before we formalised our alliance in 2012, we regularly helped each other with our practices and worked together on many client projects. Our clients enjoyed the benefit of the additional resource, without having to support the overheads of a larger practice. With new technology allowing us to be lean, agile and responsive to our clients in ways that just weren’t possible until recently, we see our collaboration as the way of the future. We’re excited to be taking our teamwork forward into its next evolution.

We believe we are uniquely placed to provide excellent value to the public sector. Each of us has a deep knowledge of the public sector, having worked in or around the public sector for most of our careers. Like many public sector organisations, our core values are around being helpful, collaborative and fair, and we bring these values to our daily work.

As a group, we have deep levels of experience across the following areas of law:

  • public law;
  • procurement and contracting;
  • technology law; and
  • governance.

When working together for clients, we can collaborate through joint instructions or by subcontracting amongst ourselves. The nature of any individual engagement is always discussed with, and agreed by, the client in their best interests and in accordance with our legal and ethical obligations as lawyers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Interwoven Law, please contact us.